getting organized

I'm trying to be more organized (see toothbrush holder). My efforts don't always work out, but for a few weeks now, I have been more organized in how I give Lucy her daily homeschool assignments. At the start of the week, I give her a sheet of paper that outlines her assignments and appointments for the day. She can work through the things at her own pace and in her own order, but she has to do all of them, and I'm available to help her as needed. So, for this coming week, her sheet looks something like this:

Lucy Oct 24-28, 2011

Spelling Lesson 28
Spectrum Math page 20-25
Cut out pictures. Write a letter to a pen pal. Write return address on envelopes.
Handwriting Lesson 4 Day One
Abraham Lincoln class at co-op

Spelling Lesson 29
Handwriting Lesson 4 Day Two
Teaching Textbooks workbook Lesson 32
American Girl book/journal
‘The Time Capsule’ story & worksheets
Horseback riding lesson

Spelling Lesson 30
Spectrum Math page 26-29
Handwriting Lesson 4 Day Three
Swim Lesson

Spelling Lesson 31
Handwriting Lesson 4 Day Four
Teaching Textbooks Lesson 33
American Girl book/journal
Syllable Zoo worksheet

Handwriting Lesson 4 Border Sheet
Spelling Lesson 32
Spectrum Math page 35-38

I purposely keep Friday's list a bit sparse because invariably we will have something come up, so it can also serve as a catch-up day, or more of a fun day if we don't have to catch up on anything. 

This also helps me with my "Are we doing enough?" constant worry. We are doing lots! And in a surprisingly short amount of time each day. Her lessons rarely take more than 2.5 hours total, then of course she has her extra activities. 

I don't have set assignments for Truman or Penny yet. They each spend time on their workbooks and on reading, but it's still more loose. Some days Truman wants to spend a long time doing his math book, which is great, and other days he wants to get it over with so he can build with Legos or create with Play-Doh, which is great too. 


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