general conference weekend

We had a nice weekend with much togetherness. Perhaps a bit overboard on the togetherness, as we were all growing a little weary of one another by Sunday night (okay I admit, I was the most weary of everyone else). It was General Conference weekend, so we got to listen to talks from modern-day prophets and apostles and other leaders of our church. Thanks to the magic of internet we were able to stream it live on our TV through the Roku (love the Roku) and didn't even have to leave the house.

A lot of Mormon families have General Conference weekend traditions. I know loads of them eat cinnamon rolls on GC weekend. I admit I have tried to accept this tradition for us as well, but my lands! Making cinnamon rolls is a whole lot of work for me. I'm not that interested in things that create a lot of extra work for me. Perhaps if I were a breadophile like many others seem to be, it'd be worth it. I did make them, and they were yummy, but not worth all the effort, time, and cleanup.

A tradition we have stuck with is that we take out our 72 hour kits and go through all the food, removing what will expire in the next 6 months and replacing the water. Then the kids get to eat their 'backpack food,' as Penny calls it, during conference. This keeps them entertained for about 30 minutes of the 10 hours of GC.

Between the first two sessions on Saturday, we went out to the Engelbrecht Homegrown Music Festival. We're part of their CSA so we got free tickets (otherwise they are ridiculously expensive). They had pumpkin painting for the kids -

-and also gave the kids free cider. It was very bright and sunny!

Also on Saturday, our friends the Stanfills graciously gave us their old piano because they got a newer (and so I hear, smaller) one. David and some other guys got it moved into our house. The kids could not be happier. It's a beautiful, giant piano. 

On Sunday, we had more conference, but between sessions we went to Lock & Dam park in Newburgh and kicked around some balls and ran like crazy. It was again a beautiful day and great to be outside.


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