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Harry Potter jack-o-lantern in the dark, and in the light.
Happy Halloween!
We love Halloween around here. 
The Queen of Hearts
Hermione Granger
Harry Potter

getting organized

I'm trying to be more organized (see toothbrush holder). My efforts don't always work out, but for a few weeks now, I have been more organized in how I give Lucy her daily homeschool assignments. At the start of the week, I give her a sheet of paper that outlines her assignments and appointments for the day. She can work through the things at her own pace and in her own order, but she has to do all of them, and I'm available to help her as needed. So, for this coming week, her sheet looks something like this:

Lucy Oct 24-28, 2011
Monday Spelling Lesson 28 Spectrum Math page 20-25 Cut out pictures. Write a letter to a pen pal. Write return address on envelopes. Handwriting Lesson 4 Day One Abraham Lincoln class at co-op
Tuesday Spelling Lesson 29 Handwriting Lesson 4 Day Two Teaching Textbooks workbook Lesson 32 American Girl book/journal ‘The Time Capsule’ story & worksheets Horseback riding lesson
Wednesday Spelling Lesson 30 Spectrum Math page 26-29 Handwriting Lesson 4 Day Three Swim…

problem-solving skills

You thought this post would be about the children's skills, didn't you? But no, it's me. I got skills.

Here is the problem:
Our family toothbrush holder has been with us a long time. I remember buying it in 2004 when David had to go to a conference in Miami and in my insomnia and boredom, I redecorated and painted our bathroom. It's functional enough - fits five toothbrushes and all - but yucky nastiness collects in the bottom of the cup, and even with bleach + water cleanings every few days, the odor was starting to make me gag. 
What I wanted was one of those umbrella-ish toothbrush holders where the brushes just dangle in it and can totally air-dry. However, finding one that will fit 5 toothbrushes is nearly impossible (go ahead, try). 
So I had a thought - maybe a little storage system on the side of the sink wasn't the only way to store toothbrushes. 
Here is my solution:
I took an old hand towel and cut off one side of it. Originally I'd planned to use this si…

a little old for this

That,  my dear friends, is a pimple. It is on my forehead. Yes, my thirty-three-year-old forehead! What is it doing there? This is not one of those "I forgot to wash my face before bed" little blemishes I sometimes get from all the gunk on my pillowcase. This is a real, honest-to-goodness zit, straight out of tenth grade. When does this go away forever? My kids kept asking me all day what was wrong with  my forehead. I think David even had a sense of foreboding over it in his sleep because he randomly sat up at 1:48a.m., smacked me in the forehead, and went back to sleep.
In other and more funny news, this is what happens when you let your daughters play with your cell phone for ten minutes.

inoculation & talent

Yesterday was flu shot day for our family. David went with me to take the kids to their pediatrician's office for their shots. I am happy he could go with us, because last year I did it on my own and Penny had a total emotional breakdown and hid in the corner from the nurse. This year, she was braver, but still freaked out in the moments just before the shot and I needed his help in holding her down. Truman and Lucy took it like champs. Then we headed over to Target, where he and I got our flu shots. Last year our insurance only paid a little bit of the cost and we were out about $18 each, but this year they paid the entire thing. They gave me a Target band-aid. That alone was worth the pain and waiting. By the way, it's really hard to take a picture of your own upper arm.

I promised the kids that if they were good (as in, didn't hide in the corner, but crying was allowed), I would take them to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and to play games. Yes, I do see the irony in using a …

food storage

Mormons are supposed to be awesome at food storage. It's one of those well-known facts about us, along with polygamy, horns, and...oh wait, only the food storage part is true. When we were newly married, the push was to get a year's supply of basic staples (wheat, oats, sugar, oil, etc), then build upon that with foods you eat everyday. But in recent years the focus has shifted a bit. We are still encouraged to get a year's supply, but our first goal should be to have three month's supply of foods we eat all the time. This is definitely more do-able in my mind than twelve months' supply of food for five people.

Until recently, we never really sat down and calculated what that would look like - 12 weeks of food for us to survive on. We keep our 72-hour kits stocked and updated, but that's only 3 days. There are 91 more days to contend with a three month storage.

So, after seeing the movie Contagion, we were motivated to really get this done. (That's right, a…

general conference weekend

We had a nice weekend with much togetherness. Perhaps a bit overboard on the togetherness, as we were all growing a little weary of one another by Sunday night (okay I admit, I was the most weary of everyone else). It was General Conference weekend, so we got to listen to talks from modern-day prophets and apostles and other leaders of our church. Thanks to the magic of internet we were able to stream it live on our TV through the Roku (love the Roku) and didn't even have to leave the house.
A lot of Mormon families have General Conference weekend traditions. I know loads of them eat cinnamon rolls on GC weekend. I admit I have tried to accept this tradition for us as well, but my lands! Making cinnamon rolls is a whole lot of work for me. I'm not that interested in things that create a lot of extra work for me. Perhaps if I were a breadophile like many others seem to be, it'd be worth it. I did make them, and they were yummy, but not worth all the effort, time, and cleanup…

homeschool on-the-go

The kids are in a crazy number of activities. Or so it seems to me, their social calendar organizer and driver. Each child doesn't have a great number, but multiplied by three, it's bogging me down a bit. On Mondays for example, after we have a brief form of school lessons here at home, we go to co-op classes at a local mega-church (not put on by the church, just held in their grand and spacious building), and are there until 1:00 p.m. Then Penny has gymnastics at 4:00 p.m., and once a month Lucy has a meeting on Monday nights at 6 p.m. Tuesdays are preschool for the younger two (so I spent 20 minutes driving them there at 9:30, and 20 minutes picking them up at 12:00) - schooling Lucy in the middle of that. Then we're good until 4:00 p.m. when I pick up my nephew and he's with us until 8:00 or so. Wednesdays are our 'easy' day - nothing but swim lessons at 3:00, so we can catch up on on a lot of homeschool assignments (joy). Two Wednesdays a month, Lucy has a …