Native American Days

Every year, we think we are going to Native American Days at the local Native American interpretive center, Angel Mounds. It's super close to our house and the kids love going there any time. Alas, every year we hear about it on the third day (Sunday, a no-go day for us), or the weekend after. But this week I heard about it a full WEEK ahead of time - a first for us! - and so we managed to go.

It was mainly held indoors due to loads and loads of rain that had been falling for a few days, and continued to fall into the next day as well. We lucked out though, because right when we arrived, a dance peformance was beginning. It was a group made up of a husband and wife and their two year old daugher, plus the wife's mother and another older man. It was fascinating! The little girl was adorable, and the wife's costumes were incredible. And then the husband did a hoop dance, and he is the 2011 wold hoop-dancing champion, so were in for a real treat. He did some pretty incredible stuff with hoops.


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