Labor Day Hike

We had a wonky Labor Day. David had a client coming over so the kids and I had to skeedaddle for a bit, so I took them to see The Smurfs. That's two hours of my life I'll never see again. Then later in the day we decided to take the family over to Henderson, KY to Audubon State Park and go on some of the hiking trails. We'd only done this once before, back before we had kids. David was taking a hiking class at USI for his PE credit and had to take a hike as homework, so we took our crazy Akita Max over to the pet trail. We decided to do that trail again. It was a lot longer than we'd remembered.

Lucy thoroughly enjoyed being the leader of our little gang for most of the hike, all decked out in denim.

Penny was content to bring up the rear with Daddy. She cracked us up when she put these clothes on - she takes hiking very seriously.

There's a little museum, but we decided to save that for another day when we had more time. They were about to close. Penny has a bottle of water in her right front pants pocket. 

Some cool architecture.


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