I kind of want to kill my dog.

He's been a real rascal lately. He gets into food when we aren't looking. At first, we knew he could get up on the table. He's short, but his body is long, so it's misleading. But then one day he got up on the counter, which is a good six inches higher than the table, and knocked over a plate of pancakes.

This morning we were running late to get to homeschool co-op, so I didn't lock him in his cage. Apparently, he got onto the counter and got the snack basket down. Then he just went to town on everything in it.

Here's the criminal in his cage with the evidence stacked against him. Literally. Tortilla chips, barbecue potato chips, Twizzlers...

Alphabet cookies, wheat crackers, and something I don't even recognize.


  1. Ha! Love the look on her face. We have a dog that eats everything, too. But she's never taken the stuff to her kennel!


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