holiday world, part 2

We went to Holiday World earlier this summer, and had a fun time, but it kept raining. So it was a little exhausting. My mom has an obsession with Holiday World. I think it may be because my grandparents took us all when my sister and I were little (traditions, memories, all that jazz). So she wanted to go again, and if someone offers you a free trip to  Holiday World, you just don't say no.

This is David, and my nieces Lindsay and Chelsea, coming around the bend after going down the Pilgrim's Plunge. That's the Voyage roller coaster in the background (these are in the Thanksgiving themed area).

The kids had put a quarter into a geyser control and gotten them extra wet, thus the stink eye from D.

Penny and I got to go on the merry-go-round while everyone else was on wilder (and more height restrictive) rides. I like that I still have an excuse to avoid those rides! Here she is on a dolphin.

Lucy loves these little boats. She is only about 1/8" from being too tall to ride them, so this is probably her last ride. Poor kid. I'm not sure why she loves it so much. They look boring to me.


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