Go Otters!

When we used to live a block from Garvin Park, we went to lots of Evansville Otters baseball games. It seemed we were always getting free tickets, but lately we don't get offered the free ones so much. But a couple of weeks ago, it was 'Ivy Tech Night at the Otters,' which  meant David got free tickets, and he also got a few Otter-bucks, which apparently work just as good as cash, for concessions. 

The kids' favorite part of the whole thing is getting balloon animals from the Hadi Shrine clowns.

As we were entering the stands, an odd gentleman started talking to Truman. I have this sort of mental shut-down when any kind of stranger starts chatting up my kids or me - I think it's from the rough neighborhood I grew up in, a defense mechanism to avoid being victimized in some way - but fortunately, my  husband grew up in a town of gum drops and lollipops where he rode his bike to school unattended, and so he's much friendlier than I am when these things happen. It turned out the man wanted to give Truman a baseball, and he said he gives away 300 of them every year to little boys who come to see the games. So, there I was being a jerk when he only wanted to be nice. 

Sadly, this was also the day Penny had all those shots, and we only lasted until the third inning. Her fever went back up and she was just miserable and in pain. Leaving early is a lot less disappointing when you didn't pay for the tickets.


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