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I kind of want to kill my dog.

He's been a real rascal lately. He gets into food when we aren't looking. At first, we knew he could get up on the table. He's short, but his body is long, so it's misleading. But then one day he got up on the counter, which is a good six inches higher than the table, and knocked over a plate of pancakes.

This morning we were running late to get to homeschool co-op, so I didn't lock him in his cage. Apparently, he got onto the counter and got the snack basket down. Then he just went to town on everything in it.

Here's the criminal in his cage with the evidence stacked against him. Literally. Tortilla chips, barbecue potato chips, Twizzlers...
Alphabet cookies, wheat crackers, and something I don't even recognize.

"Why do you homeschool?"

Disclaimer: I read a few blogs on this topic to see how other homeschooling moms and dads have chosen to answer this oft-asked question, and some of my favorites were this one and this one.

The question must come up at least once a week, probably more if I were to actually keep some kind of tally. It usually starts in public, when an adult will ask one of my children, "How old are you?" (Like this is the most logical question to ask when meeting a new person. I'd be appalled if an adult I'd just been introduced to said to me, "Why hello there Heather, how old are you?") And she or he will answer, and the adult will then say, "Oh where do you go to school?" - or, if we are close to home - "Oh do you go to Newburgh Elementary School?" And my beaming child will then say, "Homeschool." Lucy has a tendency to say it with her eyes cast down, almost afraid, but Truman and Penny say it like, "Take that, sucka!" I'm aiming…

Native American Days

Every year, we think we are going to Native American Days at the local Native American interpretive center, Angel Mounds. It's super close to our house and the kids love going there any time. Alas, every year we hear about it on the third day (Sunday, a no-go day for us), or the weekend after. But this week I heard about it a full WEEK ahead of time - a first for us! - and so we managed to go.

It was mainly held indoors due to loads and loads of rain that had been falling for a few days, and continued to fall into the next day as well. We lucked out though, because right when we arrived, a dance peformance was beginning. It was a group made up of a husband and wife and their two year old daugher, plus the wife's mother and another older man. It was fascinating! The little girl was adorable, and the wife's costumes were incredible. And then the husband did a hoop dance, and he is the 2011 wold hoop-dancing champion, so were in for a real treat. He did some pretty incredible…
I grew the tomatoes and baked the bread, but I can't take credit for the goat cheese in the middle or the olive oil on top. I wish! We should look into getting a milking goat. 

I didn't make any part of this Kindle, but I did get it as a birthday present from  David. This picture was taken in bright sunlight, to prove it's true what they say! It's easy to read in bright sunlight! The display is so weird. Not computer-like at all. It actually reminds me of this Concentration board game we had when I was a kid, where the puzzle pages behind the squares could be rolled back and forth to change them. I read a new Stephen King short story, Mile 81, first of all, and now am working on The Hunger Games. A few times I've caught myself touching the top corner to turn the page.

Labor Day Hike

We had a wonky Labor Day. David had a client coming over so the kids and I had to skeedaddle for a bit, so I took them to see The Smurfs. That's two hours of my life I'll never see again. Then later in the day we decided to take the family over to Henderson, KY to Audubon State Park and go on some of the hiking trails. We'd only done this once before, back before we had kids. David was taking a hiking class at USI for his PE credit and had to take a hike as homework, so we took our crazy Akita Max over to the pet trail. We decided to do that trail again. It was a lot longer than we'd remembered.

Lucy thoroughly enjoyed being the leader of our little gang for most of the hike, all decked out in denim.
Penny was content to bring up the rear with Daddy. She cracked us up when she put these clothes on - she takes hiking very seriously.
There's a little museum, but we decided to save that for another day when we had more time. They were about to close. Penny has a bottle o…

Go Otters!

When we used to live a block from Garvin Park, we went to lots of Evansville Otters baseball games. It seemed we were always getting free tickets, but lately we don't get offered the free ones so much. But a couple of weeks ago, it was 'Ivy Tech Night at the Otters,' which  meant David got free tickets, and he also got a few Otter-bucks, which apparently work just as good as cash, for concessions. 
The kids' favorite part of the whole thing is getting balloon animals from the Hadi Shrine clowns.

As we were entering the stands, an odd gentleman started talking to Truman. I have this sort of mental shut-down when any kind of stranger starts chatting up my kids or me - I think it's from the rough neighborhood I grew up in, a defense mechanism to avoid being victimized in some way - but fortunately, my  husband grew up in a town of gum drops and lollipops where he rode his bike to school unattended, and so he's much friendlier than I am when these things happen. It t…

New glasses

I got new glasses! I just started wearing them a year ago. I guess you're supposed to go get your eyes checked every year and get a new prescription, but seriously who has time for that nonsense? My glasses seem fine, but they were getting a little worn out. I ordered two new pair, which arrived today. Apparently I goofed and ordered 2 of the ones with the little bows on the sides, so I'll just keep them packed away for when these get all dirty and worn out.

holiday world, part 2

We went to Holiday World earlier this summer, and had a fun time, but it kept raining. So it was a little exhausting. My mom has an obsession with Holiday World. I think it may be because my grandparents took us all when my sister and I were little (traditions, memories, all that jazz). So she wanted to go again, and if someone offers you a free trip to  Holiday World, you just don't say no.

This is David, and my nieces Lindsay and Chelsea, coming around the bend after going down the Pilgrim's Plunge. That's the Voyage roller coaster in the background (these are in the Thanksgiving themed area).

The kids had put a quarter into a geyser control and gotten them extra wet, thus the stink eye from D.

Penny and I got to go on the merry-go-round while everyone else was on wilder (and more height restrictive) rides. I like that I still have an excuse to avoid those rides! Here she is on a dolphin.

Lucy loves these little boats. She is only about 1/8" from being too tall to ride …

the year of the apple tree

We've spent a bit of time reading about apples and apple trees this week. We have plans to visit a pick-your-own orchard in the next week or two. Since we had to be somewhere at noon today, I decided we'd forego our usual workbooks and instead all work together on an apple tree/seasons art and science activity.

The premise is simple: fold a piece of construction paper into 4 sections. Label each section winter, spring, summer, and fall. Then giving as much or as little teacher instruction as you like (I opted for less so their trees would be more individual), help the kids to decorate each season's tree in the way that the tree looks during that season. (Winter=snow-covered bare branches, Spring=pink and white buds, Summer=green leaves and apples, Fall=no apples, orange/red/brown leaves)


Today was the first day of pre-K for Truman and Penny (I guess we could call it preschool, but as Truman is doing kindergarten at home already, he doesn't want to call it that - can't really blame him). They are going to the home of a friend of ours along with a handful of other kids. It's really an ideal situation. They get to learn from somebody else for awhile, in a new environment, while Lucy and I get one-on-one school time together. I'm hoping it will be an all-around good experience for everyone. 

For first-day show and tell, Truman decided to bring his Star Wars lightsaber and Penny took her 'special box' that was given to her by her great-grandma Harper. 

riding bikes