water table

I know I rave about 4C All. The. Time. But seriously it is so freaking awesome. And did I tell you that I won a free year membership by taking a survey? Yes,  yes I did. Oh happy day that was at my house! I think it only costs about $30 a year, but still... free is better than $30.

So we had our eye on this big water table at 4C, so when it was delivery day for our area, Miss Jennifer (not her real name...I think it's Jennifer. But if you work with young kids you must automatically add "Miss" to the front of your name, regardless of gender or marital status) brought it to our house, because it was much too large for the minivan, even with the seats down. We have been enjoying it thoroughly. Mainly Penny. First we just did water. That was fun for a few days, but after collecting cicada shells and cooking up batches of cicada stew (which Penny called "Cicada Killer Stew," not because her stew was so awesome it was KILLER, but because she was confused because we also have 'cicada killers' in our yard), the water got pretty murky so we dumped it. Today we refilled and put some sand, molded on top of an inverted paint tray, to make a nice beach party for Barbie and friends.


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