Truman at 5

I took Truman to the pediatrician today for his annual check-up. Here he is in his dashing blue gown. He said it felt 'cozy.' 

At five years old, Truman is 44 inches tall and weighs 42.5 pounds. That puts him at the 45th percentile for both height and weight. Which is strange to me because, as infants, all of my kids were large on the charts - 75th to 90th at every visit - and last year, he was in the 75th. But his doctor was not concerned so I have decided not to be concerned as well! David is six feet tall now but it took him a long time to get there, with some teenage years of being quite small, so I guess Truman is following suit.

Everything else was just fine. His hearing tested perfectly - which surprised me. He often seems like he doesn't understand what we are saying to him, or he misses out on instructions. But perhaps this is a result of being a five year old boy and not being partially deaf. Every time he has a hearing test, I tear up. I am so happy he can hear well. I still vividly remember holding him at three weeks old during an ABR hearing screening and being told he was almost totally deaf in one ear. He's come a long way, baby!

Truman needed two shots - polio and hepatitis A - and was a very brave boy, so his reward was going to the video store and renting a game (Spider-Man). Now he only needs one more shot (MMR) to be all caught up for childhood immunizations, unless we decide to do varicella (I really wish we could get some chicken pox!).

Now I get to take Lucy for her check-up on Friday and Penny next week for her check-up. We're seeing a lot of Dr. Rogers in the next seven days! Good thing she's so nice. 


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