solar system

We've been learning about the solar system for the past week or two. Nothing major, just reading a few books, watching a Magic School Bus movie, singing a dorky Blue's Clues song that still includes Pluto, that sort of thing. I read an article in Home Education magazine (which I am LOVING by the way - hint hint for birthday ideas for me) about a project a family did where they made cookies for each planet - to scale - and decorated with frosting and candies. So tonight, we did it finally. It took me about three trips to the grocery to get all the stuff we needed, and it was nice to do it with David here because it was a bit complicated. But we had fun and maybe they will remember something about the solar system.

Jupiter's red spot is really a hurricane like storm, and it has four (whoppers!) moons.

A cup of chemical frosting and food coloring! What more could a boy want?

Truman had to get Saturn's rings just right. Lucy did Uranus and its sideways rings.

All done! We made a little sun - totally not to scale, the actual scale would've been the size of the dining room - just so we'd know where it is. And obviously the planets aren't linear like this, but it was easiest. That's a Sno-Caps asteroid belt. We left out a few moons too. It was getting late. We had all had a lot of sugar.


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