Penny at Four

I am kicking myself for not thinking to take a picture earlier in the day, before the exhaustion and vaccine side effects hit her.

Penny did really well at her check up today. I am however starting to doubt the doctor's office height and weight assessments. They said Penny is in the 65th percentile for weight (okay, she's always been a little rounded compared to the other two string beans), but 35th percentile for height? What the what? I see her and her primary class on Sundays (kids who are all within a few months' age of her) and she's not the tallest, but she's not the shortest either. She's about average, or if anything, a bit taller than average (based on my so-scientific criteria of watching her walk down a hallway). 

Poor thing had to get 3 shots, comprised of I believe 15 different vaccines (one of them contains 13 viruses - yowza - but covers pneumonia which is important for her going into winter). She was brave, but her poor little legs have been sore all day, getting worse as the day wears on. She was trying to find a comfortable way to sit or lie down, and the only thing that worked was this semi-standing pose on the beanbag. She was nearly asleep until someone announced, "Ruff Ruffman!" and she came running to see the TV. Or, limping, I should say. Poor sweet Penny.


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