I've been having a lot of physical pain lately. The day I took the kids to the pool (posted before), I guess I caught Penny coming off the toucan slide too many times or something. When I got home and took off my suit, my back seized up. It was ridiculous and also horrible at the same time. The pain went on for a few days. Unfortunately, our copays recently went up. Had it still been a $10 copay, I probably would have called the good old family doctor, but the pain never quite made it tot he $20 copay level. I guess that's their whole point. Evil health insurance companies.

And so then for a week I was really good. And I was running and working out, things were going well. Unfortunately, I was also wearing flip flops, a lot. Which makes my peroneal tendonitis flare up. And it's really bad this time. It feels like someone grabs hold of the outer edge of your foot, around the middle, and sets it on fire and rips it in two at the same time. I had this problem last summer (see, those pesky flip flops!) and got some anti-inflammatory medicine and a big boot. So I tried putting my boot back on and I was icing it and taking bunches of Advil, but by last night it had swelled out all nasty. Seriously, I could deal with pain way more than swelling. Swelling just grosses me out completely!


  1. Ooooo, YUCK! I can't wear flip flops either. I've managed this summer with crocs (man crocs, not very flattering but comfy nonetheless) since my feet are so swollen, but man it is hard to find comfortable, inexpensive summer shoe wear! Your poor little feet!


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