One Week Down, 35 To Go

Homeschool week one is done! We had a pretty good experience. I always feel like I wish we'd done more, but overall I think we covered a good amount of stuff, and I know once their other lessons start up, I'll feel like we are doing more (because we really will be doing more).

We've been having outside time (if you're Charlotte Mason inclined) or PE/gym class (if you're school-at-home inclined) every morning for 30-45 minutes first thing, before it gets too hot. One day they played with water in the yard, another two days they went for a bike ride, another day I forced them to take a walk on the trail by our house. Which is where I saw this:

It just made me smile. Nice to see nature stickin it to the man!

Here's the Pleasure Club gang ready to take the streets. Penny really does have a rough & tumble face, eh?

Some things we've learned this week include - Lucy loves Rosetta Stone Spanish. I am making her do the lessons over and over until she gets 100% because there are only 16 lessons and I want it to last. She went from 70 - 95% this week, so she'll be moving on to lesson 2 this week I'm sure. She also likes the Teaching Textbooks math. I'm seeing that Truman needs a lot of work on basic skills - reading and handwriting especially. He's a very bright boy, but has little interest in drill work. I have made one file folder game of sight words and have plans for several more. He seems to enjoy doing those. We are also going to look into a part-time preschool for him and Penny both. I think Truman especially would benefit from being taught by someone other than mom for a few hours a week, and Penny just craves the independence and time away from parents. (That girl is going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E.) 


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