curriculuar activities

In the next two weeks, most of the kids' activities will be going full-swing. I had to put them onto a dry-erase calendar to keep it all straight. I am happy to see that Tuesdays are (so far) activity-free; however, Lucy wants to start horseback riding lessons and so that will have to fall on either Tuesdays or Friday afternoons. I am lobbying for Friday afternoons, because having one activity-free day would be really nice for me (so maybe I can buy groceries and push the vac across the floor once in awhile).

In addition to the horsies, Lucy is going have achievement days at church twice a month, brownies every Thursday, swim lessons every Wednesday, American Girl club, and a co-op class on Lincoln every Monday. Truman is doing an all-star clinic (they will cover various sports) on Fridays, swimming on Wednesdays, and Lego club. Penny is doing gymnastics on Monday nights (which will be so very fun since that's David's late night at work), and swimming. In addition (not on the calendar) both Truman and Penny are doing a preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I realize Truman is five and perhaps a bit too old for 'preschool,' so we are calling it 'school.' He needs the interaction with kids who are not his sister, and Penny needs time away from me. Not for ME, but for her. She's an independent little firecracker. This will also mean that Lucy should be able to get a LOT of schoolwork done on Tuesdays and Thursdays while they are away.


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