cantaloupe & Sunday

I've never grown cantaloupe before, but this year I bought a little 4-pack of pathetic half-dead plants at the garden center on clearance for 75 cents. I felt pity for the droopy little things. I stuck them at the end of one of my garden beds, and they have done extremely well. I forced them up through tomato cages at first, because space is limited, but they soon spilled out onto the lawn. Because some of the fruits were forced to dangle, we ended up with very oblong shaped cantaloupes! But the taste is actually pretty fantastic.

Today, our ward switched times with the other ward which shares our building. So long luxurious breakfasts, ample playtime before church, and easy-to-fill afternoon hours. Now we go 9-12, which means we are hurried, cranky, and then after church, asking ourselves, well, what do we do now?  

But my children did look incredibly cute at church today, so when we got home I made them stand still for three seconds for a picture. They were not happy, and it was hot and sunny, but they are still cute as buttons. I love those guys.


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