1st day of the 2011-2012 school year!

We decided to start back to school today, Monday August 1, 2011. We stopped school back in May (counting a few days of our vacation for school when we were learning things) so it's definitely time to get back into the swing of things. Lucy is in the 3rd grade, Truman is in kindergarten, and Penny is in her last year of preschool.

We are doing things a little differently this year.

We are starting the day at 7:30, which is when the kids have been naturally waking up for the past few weeks. This seems to move back a bit earlier when we get into winter, but for now, it's 7:30. So they all get up, get dressed, and then do their chores. Lucy takes Sawyer out to pee and then feeds/waters him. Truman and Penny help unload the dishwasher and set the table for breakfast. Then we eat around 8:00, and during breakfast we'll have a short scripture story or something from the Friend. Today we put up a poster of Paul and read a little in Acts about how he killed Christians and was just generally an evil guy, back when his name was Saul. Tomorrow we'll read about his conversion. Lucy has already requested we do Esther next week.

Then after breakfast and teeth brushing, it's outside time for about a half hour. Today they filled buckets with water and added weeds, and made "potions." They are all really into Harry Potter right now! They accidentally sprayed the poor dog, and me. But no one fought, and it wasn't too hot, and so it was good. No one argued when I said it was time to come inside, either.

Lucy is doing a new type of math, called Teaching Textbooks. She will be able to do most, sometimes all, of it on her own at the computer. This is good for several reasons. One is that she gets easily frustrated with math, and I get easily frustrated when she gets easily frustrated. Another reason is that it frees me up to work one on one with the other kids more. She did lesson one today and really liked it.

Everyone is doing A Reason for Handwriting this year - Truman and Penny level A and Lucy level C. I will start working with Truman and Penny on Saxon Math K in a few weeks, but for now we are finishing up last year's workbooks, Total Math Preschool and Total Math K. Lucy is also working on Spelling Workout B, finishing it from last year, and Brain Quest Grade 2, which is about half finished.

After book work, they were d-y-i-n-g to tear into a Harry Potter Lego book I'd bought but made them wait until "school" to look through. Then we got the Legos out and Truman and Lucy spent about a half hour building Potter-esque worlds.

Now they are all three playing in the big rice bin. I'm going to 4C today to see if they have a water table. That will make our outside time much more enjoyable, especially while it's still so hot. I think today went pretty super great. I always feel weird when we "finish" with the book work earlier than expected. It's always a careful balance between making sure they are doing enough and getting enough practice, and not making it drudgery or boring for them. But now Lucy has found a Peoples of the World book and is dying to look up how to  make rice paddies so I have to hand over the computer. :)


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