Story behind this creature:

The kids needed new dressers. We decided that we'd give one of them our old one (which was a hand-me-down from my grandparents when we were first married), and then get ourselves a new one. Well, we haven't found one we like yet, so Saturday we went to a local consignment shop (still haven't found the perfect one). While there, Lucy spied a china doll she could not live without. So for three days she's been begging to go back and buy it with her own money. Today, we did (and it turned out to be discounted for some reason, so she has extra money). The clerk wrapped the doll's head in tissue paper so it wouldn't break on the drive home. Truman was playing with the tissue paper after we got home. He ripped it, and decided that the one long ripped piece resembled a woodpecker, and he needed to make a woodpecker out of the rest of the paper. So with scissors, tape, markers, and just a little help from mom (see feet and legs), he put this little number together.

I'm actually quite impressed. Though it does remind me of Alec Baldwin's head from part of Beetlejuice.


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