Wait! Wait!

I saw on Facebook that the NPR radio show, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, was going to be live in Nashville and had tickets available. So we decided to go! Very unlike us. My  niece Chelsea was available to come over and stay the night with the kids, because all of our Young Women friends were away at girls' camp.

So, we headed down to Nashville, TN right after David's client meeting on Thursday afternoon. We got a late start, which freaked me out. I did not want to be late. But we rolled into Nashville at 6:45 and the show was at 7:30, so it was okay. Except that the last 1.7 miles of the drive took us 20 minutes to complete, and then it took another 20 minutes to find a parking garage still open, and then a three block walk uphill (I do not exaggerate!), meaning we finally entered the theater at 7:25 p.m. Five minutes to spare! We found the box office and realized the will-call line snaked around and around and back on top of itself. It was crazy! It was going to take an hour to get through it. I was deflated. But David was great. He took control. We went to the front of the line, and fortunately for us most of the people in line had been drinking heavily while waiting, and did not notice our cutting. We got our tickets right away and ran upstairs and into our seats moments before the show started.

The show itself was pretty fun. We listen to the podcast of the show every week, so it was interesting to see how it actually looks when they record it. It did take a bit of the magic out of it for me, when they had to re-record certain jokes and we had to pretend it was funnier the second time. But then at the end they opened it up for the audience to ask questions, so that was funny. I was worried my Peter Sagal crush would be over seeing him in person, but not so! I love bald men just as much as ever.

So here is the stage before the show started. It's hard to see. It was dark, and we were up high. Peter and Carl were at the podiums on the left, and the panel at the table on the right, and there's a table in the back of them where 4 producers (?) sat with recording equipment.

The special guest was Vince Gill (of country music fame, if you didn't know), and he sat in the soft chair in the center when he came out. Also, to start the show, they turned on a disco ball which is on the table beside the chair. That was sort of funny, because everything about public radio is dorky.)

David before the show. It was very dark. 

Before the show. Again, dark. But fun! It was nice to have an unexpected trip away. However, we didn't get home until very late, then had to sleep on the sofa (me) and floor (D) because my niece and her son were in our room. So Friday was a hard day, energy-wise. 


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