Fresh what?

Evansville got a Fresh Market a few weeks ago. I guess some people were really excited about it. Honestly, before they opened, I'd never heard of them, and had to look up what it was. We've gone to Whole Foods before - they're cool, but not that exciting - and Trader Joe's, which is pretty much the greatest store on earth. So I was curious about the FM, and so one day this week while Penny was at day camp, I took the older two and we checked it out.

First of all, they were selling conventional (read: pesticide-laden) California strawberries for $2.50/lb. The exact same thing is $.99/lb at Aldi down the street (and even $1.78/lb at Walmart which is closer). They did offer organic strawberries (which are tough to find here), but they were $4.99/lb. I didn't notice they had any more organic produce offerings than Walmart or Schnucks, the main big supermarkets here. I did grab a bag of Earthbound salad greens for dinner that night, because they were on sale for $2.99. They were selling a lot of imported produce, much of which does not need to be imported; one example is the bell peppers imported from Canada, for $2 each. Bell peppers can easily be grown in the U.S., heck, in Indiana even!

We meandered over the meat counter. I saw there were steaks for $12-something a pound. Wow! These must be special! I got a closer look. They were (for some stupid reason) proudly advertising that these were 'MIDWEST, GRAIN-FED' beef steaks. Um. Yeah.

The one bright shining star was that they carry my beloved Wallaby yogurt! But alas, my enthusiasm was crushed when I saw they do not stock the maple flavor. I mean, the other flavors are okay and still better than any other yogurt on earth, but the maple is really the true celebrity of the company.

I could not find a drop of sunflower seed butter in the whole store, but did find a quite enormous aisle of CANDY. Jelly Belly and the like. In big glass jars where you scoop it out and pay by the pound. Lame.

So, I do not think we'll be heading to FM on a regular basis. I did get a pound of organic butter at a good price, but I don't know much about the company (it wasn't Organic Valley, which is my first choice).


  1. Amen. We went there last week when Mark was at Cub Scouts and I was so disappointed. And, yes, grain-fed beef; what a novelty. At least it wasn't imported from Chile.


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