137 degrees

It's been a little hot here lately. The actual temperatures have only been in the mid-to-upper 90s, but with our stupid high humidity, it's felt like 100-120. It does not make anything very much fun.

But my mom gets these free passes to Burdette Park from some politico down at her work every year, so she took the day off today and we went. It was extremely hot today. We arrived at 10:00 a.m. and it was 97 degrees (actual degrees; I don't know what the heat index was). The water was so nice. My nieces Chelsea and Lindsay, and Chelsea's little boy Landon, came along too. (Poor David had to stay home and do work in the closet.)

Everyone took a turn on the toucan slide. Or, many hundreds of turns.

We were conscientious about sunblock!

Yesterday, when it was hot, but not Hades hot, we went to the mall. I don't know why my kids got it into their heads that the mall is fun. Anyway. They insisted we go. So, we did. At least there was an indoor play area (air conditioned!). And then  Lucy was itching to spend a few bucks she's earned, so she got these paraffin lips for $.89. This picture creeps me out a little bit. I think it reminds me of this creepy old Jim Carrey skit. (Fast forward to about 2:52 if you're curious (or creepy!) enough to watch.)


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