things I am afraid of

I thought I should make a list of all the things I am afraid of. This will be a very simple list - just the things or experiences or thoughts that scare me - no explanation of why exactly, or what triggered a particular fear (because, I freely admit, most are completely irrational).

Flying in an airplane
Accidentally eating a bug/worm
Running over a child while backing out of a parking space
Running over an adult while backing out of a parking space
Brain aneurysm
Abdominal aneurysm
Blood clot
Brain cancer
Toenail fungus
One of my children being kidnapped/abused/raped/murdered
One of my children being made fun of
Accidentally eating a peanut
My husband being killed in a car accident
My husband being killed by a crazy student
My husband being killed by the crazy ex-husband of a co-worker
My husband hitting his head on the toilet and dying
One of my children swallowing a battery
My dog getting hit by a car
Driving or walking over a bridge
Roller coasters
Spinny rides
Heat stroke
Strangers at the door
Losing my hands in a horrible accident
Losing my hands from flesh-eating disease
Riding in a helicopter
Dancing in public
EF5 tornadoes
Getting sick from raw milk and (worse) the MSM being proven right
Medical mistakes - getting the wrong meds, or wrong dosage
Falling down the stairs and breaking my neck
My mom being murdered
Never being able to overcome my bad habits


  1. I should make a list like this. Do you mind if I copy you?

  2. You should. I'll warn you, however. It can be habit-forming. I have thought of 20 or so more fears since I posted this.


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