sandwich generation

So, I don't think I officially fit the definition for sandwich generation, but it sure felt like it this past week. On Sunday I got a call that my dad was in the hospital again. He had a rare complication from a colonoscopy and for a few days we thought he might end up losing his colon (how's that for a pleasant thought). He did end up having an appendectomy (unnecessarily) and being in the hospital for five days with no food or water. He's home now and will probably make a full recovery. In any case, there was one day when I helped Penny to the bathroom (she likes to put it off til the last moment) and then an hour later was at the hospital helping my dad to the bathroom, and realized, this kind of sucks.

So since I won't humiliate my dad by posting pictures of him in a hospital johnny, these pics will have to suffice. Lucy made a very sweet card.


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