National Doughnut Day. We got free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme!

We also got a little pool. I mean, LITTLE. It's 8 feet across and 30 inches deep (but not really, more like 27). The kids have been in practically every day (minus Sundays) for the past two weeks. It helps everyone be ready for bed even when the sun is still not quite down. 

We've also been going to a nearby elementary school for free lunch once a week or so. It's a pretty good deal, and since my kids are homeschooled, they kind of enjoy the novelty of eating in a cafeteria - the trays, the little milk cartons. 

David is home a lot, working. It's nice to have him here. He has to go to his office once a week, so not too bad. We are definitely enjoying summer.


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