busy day

What a busy, fun day we had today! Lucy has been part of a puppeteering class at the local library, and for three weeks they've been rehearsing. I think there are eight kids in total, all between 3rd - 6th grade. She's the youngest, I believe. Anyway, today was the big performance for the little kids. It was super cute. The audio was not great (they pre-recorded parts of it so they wouldn't have to read a script AND move a puppet simultaneously) but it was still really fun to watch. Truman and Penny had a good time.

(oh yeah, Penny let me braid her hair!)

There's Lucy on the far right. She's saying, "The part of the narrator was played by Lucy Harper." Applause! Applause!

While at the puppet show, I got a phone call from a different branch of the library, saying that Truman had won the weekly prize in the summer reading program drawing for his age group. We had about an hour to kill between the puppet show and a movie we were going to see, so we drove over and picked it up. It was a kid's golf caddy. Very cute! He was so proud of himself. We also went across the street for the free lunch at the elementary school.

After lunch, we went to the movies with Mimi and saw Cars 2. I actually liked it a lot more than the first Cars movie. 

Then tonight, we took two of the missionaries from our ward out for dinner at Los Bravos. Truman enjoys them thoroughly. While there we ran into our friends the Rosens, but I did not get a picture of that. We ate loads of food and also had dessert! It was really fun. 

And the weekend has only just begun!


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