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busy day

What a busy, fun day we had today! Lucy has been part of a puppeteering class at the local library, and for three weeks they've been rehearsing. I think there are eight kids in total, all between 3rd - 6th grade. She's the youngest, I believe. Anyway, today was the big performance for the little kids. It was super cute. The audio was not great (they pre-recorded parts of it so they wouldn't have to read a script AND move a puppet simultaneously) but it was still really fun to watch. Truman and Penny had a good time.

(oh yeah, Penny let me braid her hair!)
There's Lucy on the far right. She's saying, "The part of the narrator was played by Lucy Harper." Applause! Applause!

While at the puppet show, I got a phone call from a different branch of the library, saying that Truman had won the weekly prize in the summer reading program drawing for his age group. We had about an hour to kill between the puppet show and a movie we were going to see, so we drove over …


Yes, it does look like I am sad in this picture. That's because I am. I'd just left the funeral home, where there was a visitation service for my niece's best friend, Tori. She was 20 years old. She had a one year old little boy. She was diagnosed with liver cancer three weeks ago, and now, she is gone. So it was a very sad time, even though I didn't know Tori very well. We met a few times, most recently on Memorial day weekend at a picnic. 

So why a picture looking so sad? Because, and I think I said this before but I'll beat a dead horse as long as I can, I don't want my blog to be a happy-smiley-my-life-is-perfection blog. Those blogs are fun to read. But they can also leave you feeling terribly inadequate.
Sometimes my life is very sad. Not to ignore the many happy things I have. My husband is great. Our kids are awesome. We are all healthy. No major issues there. But sometimes things come up that are just plain terrible. And I think it's okay to say that…
Another fun thing about our neighborhood is that we are within walking distance of St. John's Catholic church, which is having its annual summer social right now. We walked over last night and the kids went on some of the rides. This is Lucy at the top of the fun house.

Also yesterday we went to CMOE. Nothing special about that really, we do it all the time. Penny went a little nuts with the face paint this time. For some reason this picture reminds me of Dabney Coleman. Maybe because I just watched 9 to 5 on Netflix. I love that movie!

sandwich generation

So, I don't think I officially fit the definition for sandwich generation, but it sure felt like it this past week. On Sunday I got a call that my dad was in the hospital again. He had a rare complication from a colonoscopy and for a few days we thought he might end up losing his colon (how's that for a pleasant thought). He did end up having an appendectomy (unnecessarily) and being in the hospital for five days with no food or water. He's home now and will probably make a full recovery. In any case, there was one day when I helped Penny to the bathroom (she likes to put it off til the last moment) and then an hour later was at the hospital helping my dad to the bathroom, and realized, this kind of sucks.

So since I won't humiliate my dad by posting pictures of him in a hospital johnny, these pics will have to suffice. Lucy made a very sweet card.

things I am afraid of

I thought I should make a list of all the things I am afraid of. This will be a very simple list - just the things or experiences or thoughts that scare me - no explanation of why exactly, or what triggered a particular fear (because, I freely admit, most are completely irrational).

Flying in an airplane
Accidentally eating a bug/worm
Running over a child while backing out of a parking space
Running over an adult while backing out of a parking space
Brain aneurysm
Abdominal aneurysm
Blood clot
Brain cancer
Toenail fungus
One of my children being kidnapped/abused/raped/murdered
One of my children being made fun of
Accidentally eating a peanut
My husband being killed in a car accident
My husband being killed by a crazy student
My husband being killed by the crazy ex-husband of a co-worker
My husband hitting his head on the toilet and dying
One of my children swallowing a battery
My dog getting hit by a car
Driving or walking over a bridge
Roller coasters
Spinny rides
Heat stroke
National Doughnut Day. We got free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme!

We also got a little pool. I mean, LITTLE. It's 8 feet across and 30 inches deep (but not really, more like 27). The kids have been in practically every day (minus Sundays) for the past two weeks. It helps everyone be ready for bed even when the sun is still not quite down. 
We've also been going to a nearby elementary school for free lunch once a week or so. It's a pretty good deal, and since my kids are homeschooled, they kind of enjoy the novelty of eating in a cafeteria - the trays, the little milk cartons. 
David is home a lot, working. It's nice to have him here. He has to go to his office once a week, so not too bad. We are definitely enjoying summer.