vacation - second installment

We were in St. George, Utah on Wednesday and Wednesday night. I'd never spent any time there before - only driven past and seen it from the interstate a few times. My first surprise was that instead of a big S G on the mountain (Utah has this thing for marking a mountain with the nearest town's initial..yeah I think it's weird too), it says D. D for Dixie, obviously. What the? Yeah. So I guess since they consider it the 'south' of Utah, they take on the name of the 'south' of the United States as well. Everything in town is named Dixie ___ (insert whatever, car wash, college, liquor, whatever).

Once I got over that, I realize it's a very cute little town. The lawns and homes, especially those in the blocks surrounding the temple, were adorably well manicured. We went to the temple grounds on Thursday morning and spent a little bit of time. We were too early for the visitor's center film, but the kids had fun just frolicking on the lovely temple grounds.

From St. George we drove straight through to Seal Beach, California. We did not stop in Las Vegas. Too sketchy. We actually had a really hard time finding a family-safe place to even stop and use the bathroom and grab a quick lunch until well after Vegas. We tried one place but David had to stand in front of some really inappropriate t-shirts in a gas station as we walked by to use the toilets, and the only eating place was pouring out billows of cigarette smoke. We drove a bit farther and found this fun little Greek diner next to an outlet mall. The food was really good, and we were entertained listening to the phone conversation of the man at the table next to us. We're fairly certain he was a bookie. (how exciting!) Here's Penny and Truman outside the Greek place (which they insisted on calling the Grease Place) -- watch those hands, Penny!

Finally, we arrived at Seal Beach, where David's grandma Betty lives. It was so nice to just be still and stay in spot for a few days!  We spent Friday having breakfast with David's brother  Jamie, and also his sister Molly and her husband and son flew down from San Francisco for the weekend. Later in the evening we went to a free event at the Long Beach Aquarium where we could see and pet the sharks, and we walked along the harbor there and saw a lighthouse and the Queen Mary (which the kids still suspect is actually the Titanic). 

On Saturday we got together again and David's other brother Cary and his wife and kids came up from San Diego. We went to the beach, though it wasn't very warm. It was still a lot of fun to just hang out and the kids got to play together. Lucy and her cousin Chaz hit it off really well. Unfortunately it appears I didn't take many photos of that day.


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