Tucumcari, NM

On night 2 of our three-night drive home, we stayed at a Route 66 motor-tel - truly a motor lodge because each room has its own little garage attached. We actually had reserved a suite, but a pipe burst in there and they called us a few days before to ask if two rooms would be okay. So, we had two different rooms, separated by the garages. These are the murals which are painted on the inside of the garages we had.

And apparently cars in use at the time that Rt 66 was popular were considerably smaller than Toyota Sienna minivans. The woman running the motel said that most people can't fit in the garage unless they have a motorcycle. 
(This is also a good time to point out the crazy bag on top of our van. Doesn't it look like a big old fanny pack? We are so cool.)


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