more from vacation

More from our super long trip! Here are a few more pictures from the Long Beach Aquarium. The kids were watching sharks. In the third picture, Penny is chasing a pigeon. She started doing that a lot on the trip. Poor pigeons. They'd run pretty far from her, but would never take flight and leave altogether, because there was always that chance that she might drop some food.

Here are a couple of more pictures from the first night of camping in Topeka, Kansas. The KOA was a lovely little farm with two ponds and a nice playground. The one-room cabin was a TIGHT fit for our family, but we managed. Having room to run and play was so nice after eight hours in the van.

Penelope and Truman at our campsite in Moab, at Arches National Park.

And, a few more from the lovely St. George temple:

Truman at Long Beach, CA, right after we'd been to the aquarium. That's the Queen Mary behind him. 


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