Sunday, Happy Sunday

We took some pictures in front of our house this morning before we left for church. The girls looked so darling in their matching dresses. Lucy got those new shoes yesterday. She's had a major growth spurt. If you can't tell from the pictures, she's suddenly a very leggy, lanky girl. We had to visit four stores to find shoes that fit and fit her style requirements. Penny has recently become very concerned about bringing her "books of Mormon" with her every Sunday. It's very cute. Truman willingly wears ties now, which makes us all happy.

Right after church, we drove out to Burdette Park for my nephew (okay he's my great-nephew, but hells bells that makes me sound incredibly old, so we shall stick with 'nephew') Landon's first birthday. Poor guy was a bit overwhelmed and sleepy, but he put up a brave face. 

It was kind of hot, but the kids had fun playing on the playground anyway. Penny announced, "Birthday parties at the park on church day are my favorite!"

Landon stripped down and went to town on his Mickey Mouse cake.
Happy birthday Landon! We love you!


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