spring in our yard

We have a robin's nest next to our back patio. We watched her and her husband collecting materials for it for the last week or so. They especially liked a half-dead plant that Sawyer is determined to murder with his urine. So the other day we read some books on robins and I took this picture blindly (the nest is a little higher up than I am tall) and aha! Two beautiful blue eggs. The mama mainly stays in the nest now. The books say we should see chicks in about 13 days.

These blobs of flesh and fur are in a nest above our front porch light. I'm not sure what type of bird. Much smaller than a robin, but I haven't gotten a good look because every time we open the front door, the mama bird flies off to a tree across the road. 

Unfortunately, one of the babies died. I'm not sure what happened. We came home to this one afternoon. I wonder if there was something wrong with it, and the mother's instinct is to throw it out of the nest? Or perhaps it tried to climb out and fell. In either case, it's really gross.

We have gotten to see loads of birds this spring. I tell David it's because we don't treat our lawn, which means we have big, fat, juicy, healthy worms for them to eat. (I tell him this when he laments how green and lush some of the neighbors' lawns look.) It's really interesting and makes it really easy to incorporate science into our outdoor play.


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