personal history - neighborhood

I'm working Personal Progress and my Individual Worth value project is to compile a personal history. I am doing it piecemeal because, well, that's pretty much how everything has to get done in my life. Today I got some pictures of the place where I grew up.

This is the house I grew up in, 1508 S Morton Avenue, in Evansville, Indiana. It's on the city's south side, only a few blocks from the downtown area. This house has two bedrooms and one bathroom and I lived here with my mom, dad, and older sister from the time I was born (or close to it) until about my 14th birthday, when we moved to Mt. Vernon, Indiana. There used to be another tree on the other side of the yard. My mom installed that awesome astro-turf porch carpet and the wrought iron railings were put on when I was a little kid. I remember before they were there. There used to be a gold doorbell above the mailbox which was an actual ding-dong type of bell. 
This is the view from the alley behind the house. The carport is very old. I remember there was a metal torage shed close to that tree. We never used to close the gate because it was such a pain to open and close it all the time. I guess it's a sign of the degeneration of the neighborhood. I used to play in this alley all the time. My best friend lived across the alley - her house was on the next street over. 
Another part of the alley. This weird brick thing looks pretty much exactly like it did when I was a kid, perhaps a bit more full of junk. We called it the "doom steps" for some reason. 
This is Glenwood Middle school. I went here from sixth through eighth grades. They've put a bit white thing on top of it but the school is the same. They're calling it "Glenwood Leadership Academy" now and making the kids wear matching polo shirts. I took this picture from a distance because kids were coming out of school and I didn't want to look like a weirdy taking pictures of kids coming out of a school. 
Zesto. This is a block from the middle school. We used to go here a lot for ice cream, corn dogs, and burgers. I was happy to see it's still open.
Evans Motors. This is one of several used car lots in the neighborhood, the buy-here-pay-here variety for people with terrible credit and little money. I remember this sign looked old when I was a kid. 


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