just some pictures

I took some pictures in the van on the drive to church last Sunday. No special reason.
(not sure why she looks like a maniac here)

These are from a random weekday play session. Lucy was creating baby carriers out of anything she could find. I think this was a Darth Vader costume turned inside out. Truman dressed his horse up for "church." Then the kids held a fast & testimony meeting in the living room. Penny said, "I KNOW that if you don't brush your teeth, your breath WILL smell bad. And I KNOW that if we don't keep our eye on our dog Sawyer, he WILL eat our food off the table. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." It was so cute. I tried to get a video but they'd moved on to another part of the meeting by the time I found my camera.

Oh and yes, I do realize I have not put up any of Lucy's baptism day photos. The reason is, they are on the *nice camera* and I try not to touch it unless I absolutely have to (plus it's on a high shelf and requires plugging a cord into my computer and it's a whole big thing). Eventually, I am sure that I will. 


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