12 year anniversary/camping trip

David and I were sealed on April 17, 1999. But, we couldn't score The Best Babysitter Ever (aka my mom) for that weekend due to her husband having shoulder surgery, so we had to go a week early. Poor us. :)

We decided to go camping.  There are a few reasons for this. First obviously is that it's extremely cheap. Second is that we are going to do some camping on our traversing of the USA next month, and our tent recently had some minor surgery itself and we wanted to see how it'd hold up.

So we headed out to Scales Lake, which is a little state-operated park about a half hour from our house. It's actually a nice park, just has a dreadful name. When I was a kid, someone told me that it was called Scales lake because fish scales rub off on your legs when you swim in it. I have never been a fan of lake swimming, and maybe this is partly why.

We opted for a primitive site and we were the only campers in a pretty large area. I guess April isn't big for camping. The weather was great - 80s, got down to 60s overnight. We were right by the lake. It did get noisy overnight though. Geese and weird laughing frogs and other creatures kept us awake. We got to see a little fox in the evening and a fawn in the morning.

I'm so glad David is my husband and I am his wife. Sometimes it's hard to remember that we are those to each other rather than just The Mom and The Dad. The children can be overwhelming at times. It was nice to get away.

There was a chance of rain in the morning so we opted to abandon camp and have breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Turned out to be a wise choice because there was an enormous downpour as soon as we left CB.


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