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happy easter

I don't know what it will take to convince my mother that my peanut allergy is not a phase I'm going through, or all mental, or a ploy for attention. Anaphylactic Easter, I guess.


We had a little bit of excitement last Tuesday night. The TV weather dorks had been saying all day that we were going to have a strong chance of severe weather, so I thought ahead and got some batteries for our radio. Of course the severe weather hits on one of the nights David has a class until 10 p.m. It started getting bad around 9:00 and they even cut into the end of The Biggest Loser to start screaming about the storm. Then people started calling in reports of tornadoes and 90 mph winds, west of us. I called my mom because a tornado was spotted not far from them, heading their way, and they live in a modular home with no permanent foundation or basement. They'd already scooped up their dog and headed to the neighbors' basement. Then the weather guys are saying that the worst of the storm will be hitting Ivy Tech, which is where David works, at 9:48 p.m. (love how they pinpoint it like that). David's class lets out at 9:50 p.m. So I'd been texting him all along wit…

personal history - neighborhood

I'm working Personal Progress and my Individual Worth value project is to compile a personal history. I am doing it piecemeal because, well, that's pretty much how everything has to get done in my life. Today I got some pictures of the place where I grew up.

This is the house I grew up in, 1508 S Morton Avenue, in Evansville, Indiana. It's on the city's south side, only a few blocks from the downtown area. This house has two bedrooms and one bathroom and I lived here with my mom, dad, and older sister from the time I was born (or close to it) until about my 14th birthday, when we moved to Mt. Vernon, Indiana. There used to be another tree on the other side of the yard. My mom installed that awesome astro-turf porch carpet and the wrought iron railings were put on when I was a little kid. I remember before they were there. There used to be a gold doorbell above the mailbox which was an actual ding-dong type of bell.  This is the view from the alley behind the house. The c…

spring in our yard

We have a robin's nest next to our back patio. We watched her and her husband collecting materials for it for the last week or so. They especially liked a half-dead plant that Sawyer is determined to murder with his urine. So the other day we read some books on robins and I took this picture blindly (the nest is a little higher up than I am tall) and aha! Two beautiful blue eggs. The mama mainly stays in the nest now. The books say we should see chicks in about 13 days.

These blobs of flesh and fur are in a nest above our front porch light. I'm not sure what type of bird. Much smaller than a robin, but I haven't gotten a good look because every time we open the front door, the mama bird flies off to a tree across the road. 

Unfortunately, one of the babies died. I'm not sure what happened. We came home to this one afternoon. I wonder if there was something wrong with it, and the mother's instinct is to throw it out of the nest? Or perhaps it tried to climb out and fe…


We got to go to New Harmony's Heritage Days yesterday with some other homeschoolers. I know the kids were thinking I was crazy when we had to stand in the parking lot for a half hour waiting for everyone to arrive (so we could get the group discount), but once we got started they had so much fun.

First, we went into the Atheneum and up some ramps, to watch a nine minute film about New Harmony. One of the moms in our group was a fetus in her mother's belly during the filming of the movie, so we know it's about 32 years old. It wasn't terribly interesting, but it was fun to be in the theater. Then we went back down the ramps (there were lots of strollers in our group) and outside.

There were oxen hanging out just out the back door of the Atheneum. More on that later.

The band leader (on the right) spoke to us for awhile about Civil War stuff. We learned that there was a 9 year old boy who enlisted in the Civil War and served for three years as a drummer boy. He was from Ev…

Sunday, Happy Sunday

We took some pictures in front of our house this morning before we left for church. The girls looked so darling in their matching dresses. Lucy got those new shoes yesterday. She's had a major growth spurt. If you can't tell from the pictures, she's suddenly a very leggy, lanky girl. We had to visit four stores to find shoes that fit and fit her style requirements. Penny has recently become very concerned about bringing her "books of Mormon" with her every Sunday. It's very cute. Truman willingly wears ties now, which makes us all happy.

Right after church, we drove out to Burdette Park for my nephew (okay he's my great-nephew, but hells bells that makes me sound incredibly old, so we shall stick with 'nephew') Landon's first birthday. Poor guy was a bit overwhelmed and sleepy, but he put up a brave face. 
It was kind of hot, but the kids had fun playing on the playground anyway. Penny announced, "Birthday parties at the park on church day…

12 year anniversary/camping trip

David and I were sealed on April 17, 1999. But, we couldn't score The Best Babysitter Ever (aka my mom) for that weekend due to her husband having shoulder surgery, so we had to go a week early. Poor us. :)

We decided to go camping.  There are a few reasons for this. First obviously is that it's extremely cheap. Second is that we are going to do some camping on our traversing of the USA next month, and our tent recently had some minor surgery itself and we wanted to see how it'd hold up.

So we headed out to Scales Lake, which is a little state-operated park about a half hour from our house. It's actually a nice park, just has a dreadful name. When I was a kid, someone told me that it was called Scales lake because fish scales rub off on your legs when you swim in it. I have never been a fan of lake swimming, and maybe this is partly why.

We opted for a primitive site and we were the only campers in a pretty large area. I guess April isn't big for camping. The weath…

lazy dog

These were taken on the same day, a few hours apart. I don't think it's normal for a dog, especially one Sawyer's considerable *girth*, to enjoy sleeping in this position. He just started it last week. I thought he was dead for a minute, because he was so deeply asleep I couldn't even see his chest moving up and down with breath. Turns out he was fine (obviously). Just a big lazy dog.

just some pictures

I took some pictures in the van on the drive to church last Sunday. No special reason.
(not sure why she looks like a maniac here)

These are from a random weekday play session. Lucy was creating baby carriers out of anything she could find. I think this was a Darth Vader costume turned inside out. Truman dressed his horse up for "church." Then the kids held a fast & testimony meeting in the living room. Penny said, "I KNOW that if you don't brush your teeth, your breath WILL smell bad. And I KNOW that if we don't keep our eye on our dog Sawyer, he WILL eat our food off the table. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." It was so cute. I tried to get a video but they'd moved on to another part of the meeting by the time I found my camera.

Oh and yes, I do realize I have not put up any of Lucy's baptism day photos. The reason is, they are on the *nice camera* and I try not to touch it unless I absolutely have to (plus it's on a high shelf and require…

what 10% buys you

James E. Talmage has said: “Tithing is the Lord’s revenue system, and He requires it of the people, not because He is lacking in gold or silver, but because [we] need to pay it. … The prime … purpose behind the establishment of the law of the tithe is the development of the soul of the tithe-payer, rather than the providing of revenue. The latter is an all important purpose, for so far as money is needed for the carrying on of the work of the Church, the Lord requires money that is sanctified by the faith of the giver; but blessings beyond estimate … are assured unto him who strictly conforms to the law of the tithe because the Lord hath so commanded.”  Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are asked to give 10% of their increase to the Church. This isn't anything new, as the law of tithing is mentioned in the Old Testament. However, most Christian churches no longer consider tithing to be a literal tenth, for whatever reason, and encourage members to give what t…