Saturday is a special day

Yesterday was our turn to clean the church building. Each family in our ward is asked to sign up for one Saturday morning per year to help clean the building. So yesterday was our big day. We headed over there and got to work. The kids actually had a blast doing this. They've never been so gung ho about cleaning before! I was a little bit jealous of their enthusiasm, because I never get this kind of excitement when it comes time to clean our house. (The best I can hope for here is that they stay out of my way and don't undo all my cleaning within the same day.)

When we walked into church this morning, Penny exclaimed, "Isn't this a nice clean church? Because WE cleaned it! And now we can touch it all!"


  1. My kids love to clean the church too! However, next time, I'm going to bring my own Windex because whatever is in those spray bottles for the windows DOESN'T work (I think it might just be water...)


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