Penny turns 4!

Penny turned four on Thursday the 10th. She is such a darling little child and we are so happy she is in our family. She wanted to go to the movies for her birthday, and wanted her Mimi to go, so we had to put that off until Saturday. So on Thursday we had birthday cake and ice cream (and invited our neighbor Joseph over), and then I took the kids downtown where we had lunch with Mimi and went to CMOE.
This is the gang in the Quack Factory part of CMOE. They have this little cart they push around and gather up balls and then push them down to the basement's water room. They look like Oompa-Loompas doing this.

Friday, it was so lovely outside. I took the kids to Lock & Dam park and got this picture of Pen. She is wearing a shirt and purple pants. And pink sparkly shoes that are too big and continually fall off (a la Cinderella), and a pink tutu on top of her pants, and rainbow striped poncho on top of her shirt. She dresses like an eccentric homeless woman. Oh, how I love her.

In other non-Pen news, I went to my first-ever homeschool convention. Mainly I wanted to see the vendor hall. It was quite something. I got to see a few math books in person, which I'd been interested in for Lucy. But there were also a few scary vendors. Something "cadets" which immediately made me think of Hitler's Youth, and a program that will teach your daughters to sew modest dresses, that just so happen to look like those ones the FLDS gals wear. In all fairness, most were pretty normal. I may go again next year, but only if David will go with me. I get really stressed out in situations like that.

I am thinking that rather than taking a typical two or three month summer break, we are going to keep working until our vacation in May, then start up again when we get back. We may just do a shorter daily version of school, and perhaps only 3 days a week, but we need to keep up with it. So much is forgotten when we take only one week off. I hate to waste time with remedial work every fall. 


  1. We love you, Penny!

    Was that a local curriculum fair? Sounds awesome! Maybe I can come with you next year! I think doing "homeschool lite" during the summer is a great idea.

  2. Yes, it was the SWIHE convention. I would love it if you'd come with me next year. It was really crowded and kind of mentally overwhelming to go alone.


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