My Life Is Super Great (and it kind of sucks)

Ever get the idea when you're reading Mormon Mommy Blogs (is this a MMB? I don't think so, but I guess by strict definition, it probably is) that their lives are all rosy cheeked children and trendy throw pillows and doting husbands? Yeah, me too. But no one is like that in reality. NO ONE. I've checked.

So I don't want this to appear to be another run-of-the-mill MMB, though my children are at times darlings and my husband is at times doting. All in all, we have a pretty spectacular life. In no particular order, some of the best things are:
~ David's job allows him to have ample time with the family, and time off for traveling. It also has amazing benefits such as the health insurance and 401(k). (Example: they kick in 15% of his salary each year, while he isn't expected to contribute a penny)
~ We are all in good health.
~ We have super awesome neighbors.
~ We live on a beautiful river, and just two minutes' walk from a gorgeous walking/biking trail.
~ We have a ward full of people who love our family.
~ Our dog is sweet and loving and almost never barks.

Now, before you go thinking, wow, Heather is really the bee's knees, let me stop you right there. It is not all giggles here in our house! Some things are not so super awesome. Such as (again, in no particular order):
~ David's job does not pay really well, so he has to do lots of freelance work to supplement our income.
~ Penny has asthma. It's not a problem most of the time, but there's always a constant, nagging fear she'll get sick and end up in the hospital again.
~ One of our neighbors plays electric guitar really loud. His house is across and diagonal from ours, but we can still hear it sometimes. And it's not particularly good.
~ The beautiful river is flooding, and while it's still far away from us, I have nightmares that water starts pouring through our front door.
~ We don't really feel like we have any close friends here, in our ward or otherwise. We have lots of friends, but no really good friends.
~ Our dog poops. A lot. And we have to clean it up. And by we, I mean mostly me. And no matter how sweet and loving and quiet he is, picking up another being's turds is super gross.


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