Costume Party & Girls' Day Out

Truman and Penny were invited to a friend's birthday party, which was actually a prince/princess/knight party. Penny of course jumped at the chance to wear her coveted Belle dress in public, and Truman was surprisingly excited about dressing up as a knight as well. His costume was kind of down-to-the-wire in the making, but we pulled it off, and I think they both looked adorable. (They had a great time as well, though coming off the sugar high this afternoon has not been such a delight.)

While those two were partying, Lucy and I got a couple of hours to spend alone - a rarity! We had to go to the grocery (blah), but then we went to a pet store she's been dying to see and checked out the cute creatures. And then we ended it by stopping for a quick lunch at Taj Mahal. I'm so happy my child loves Indian food as much as I do. It was really nice to be able to just have a conversation with her without a million interruptions. Not that we don't adore our little interruptors, but they do make it hard to really talk.


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