The last two days we've been reading Capyboppy. It's such a charming little book. The first day, the kids colored pictures (coloring pages) of capybaras, toucans, and piranhas, three animals I chose because they are all in the Amazonia section of our local zoo. Then in the afternoon, with crazy beautiful weather, we went to the zoo and saw the little capybaras. On the second day, the kids colored their own pictures of the capybara from the story, and I finished reading it. I thought their drawings came out very cute.

This is one of just a handful of remaining books we haven't read from our Sonlight core this year. I'm trying to finish them up so we can sell it, to have more funds available for next year's curricula! Still not fully decided on which programs we'll use, but I have some ideas. I don't think we'll do Sonlight again. We've enjoyed it, but I've had to find too many activities on my own to go along with the history and literature heavy program. Kids can't just sit and listen all the time, so I have to find or create activities for them to do during reading and after, to extend the story. We have enjoyed it though, and it's been a great fit for teaching multiple ages at the same time. I will probably buy some of the next core's readers singly to use next year.


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