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free range kids and helicopter mothering

I admit, I do like to read the blog Free Range Kids, though I do not always agree with all of it. Or even most of it. And sometimes the posts are a bit of a stretch. And I would never, ever leave an infant alone in a parked car while I went inside of a building. That's pretty crazy. And that baby is not free-ranging itself anywhere.

But it does make me think about my own over-protectiveness. I know people think I am over-protective. I get looks and comments from other moms. The other day I wouldn't let my kids go play outside at friend's house because their back yard is not fenced, my kids have never played there before, and from where I was forced to sit, I had zero view of the playscape area. One of the other moms scoffed at me when I told them they couldn't go unless I was out there (though I'd passively aggressively meant to insinuate that maybe all of us should move out; it was a lovely day!). But you know, I know my kids, no one else knows them as well as I d…

Sawyer has friends, too.

There are two little dogs who live behind us with their humans. One is a gray and white and the other is black. I have no idea what breed the first is; the second is a pug. Little and yappy and cute. The gray and white one has a love/hate relationship with Sawyer. Her name is Oreo. She wants him to run up and down the length of the fence with her, and so she barks in his face and irritates him until he caves. I wonder what they would do if they could be together in the same yard. I wonder if they might realize that all they ever had was the fence, and without the fence, they have no common ground.

Saturday is a special day

Yesterday was our turn to clean the church building. Each family in our ward is asked to sign up for one Saturday morning per year to help clean the building. So yesterday was our big day. We headed over there and got to work. The kids actually had a blast doing this. They've never been so gung ho about cleaning before! I was a little bit jealous of their enthusiasm, because I never get this kind of excitement when it comes time to clean our house. (The best I can hope for here is that they stay out of my way and don't undo all my cleaning within the same day.)

When we walked into church this morning, Penny exclaimed, "Isn't this a nice clean church? Because WE cleaned it! And now we can touch it all!"


The last two days we've been reading Capyboppy. It's such a charming little book. The first day, the kids colored pictures (coloring pages) of capybaras, toucans, and piranhas, three animals I chose because they are all in the Amazonia section of our local zoo. Then in the afternoon, with crazy beautiful weather, we went to the zoo and saw the little capybaras. On the second day, the kids colored their own pictures of the capybara from the story, and I finished reading it. I thought their drawings came out very cute.

This is one of just a handful of remaining books we haven't read from our Sonlight core this year. I'm trying to finish them up so we can sell it, to have more funds available for next year's curricula! Still not fully decided on which programs we'll use, but I have some ideas. I don't think we'll do Sonlight again. We've enjoyed it, but I've had to find too many activities on my own to go along with the history and literature heavy…

Penny turns 4!

Penny turned four on Thursday the 10th. She is such a darling little child and we are so happy she is in our family. She wanted to go to the movies for her birthday, and wanted her Mimi to go, so we had to put that off until Saturday. So on Thursday we had birthday cake and ice cream (and invited our neighbor Joseph over), and then I took the kids downtown where we had lunch with Mimi and went to CMOE.
This is the gang in the Quack Factory part of CMOE. They have this little cart they push around and gather up balls and then push them down to the basement's water room. They look like Oompa-Loompas doing this.
Friday, it was so lovely outside. I took the kids to Lock & Dam park and got this picture of Pen. She is wearing a shirt and purple pants. And pink sparkly shoes that are too big and continually fall off (a la Cinderella), and a pink tutu on top of her pants, and rainbow striped poncho on top of her shirt. She dresses like an eccentric homeless woman. Oh, how I love her.
In …

My Life Is Super Great (and it kind of sucks)

Ever get the idea when you're reading Mormon Mommy Blogs (is this a MMB? I don't think so, but I guess by strict definition, it probably is) that their lives are all rosy cheeked children and trendy throw pillows and doting husbands? Yeah, me too. But no one is like that in reality. NO ONE. I've checked.

So I don't want this to appear to be another run-of-the-mill MMB, though my children are at times darlings and my husband is at times doting. All in all, we have a pretty spectacular life. In no particular order, some of the best things are:
~ David's job allows him to have ample time with the family, and time off for traveling. It also has amazing benefits such as the health insurance and 401(k). (Example: they kick in 15% of his salary each year, while he isn't expected to contribute a penny)
~ We are all in good health.
~ We have super awesome neighbors.
~ We live on a beautiful river, and just two minutes' walk from a gorgeous walking/biking trail.
~ We…

Costume Party & Girls' Day Out

Truman and Penny were invited to a friend's birthday party, which was actually a prince/princess/knight party. Penny of course jumped at the chance to wear her coveted Belle dress in public, and Truman was surprisingly excited about dressing up as a knight as well. His costume was kind of down-to-the-wire in the making, but we pulled it off, and I think they both looked adorable. (They had a great time as well, though coming off the sugar high this afternoon has not been such a delight.)

While those two were partying, Lucy and I got a couple of hours to spend alone - a rarity! We had to go to the grocery (blah), but then we went to a pet store she's been dying to see and checked out the cute creatures. And then we ended it by stopping for a quick lunch at Taj Mahal. I'm so happy my child loves Indian food as much as I do. It was really nice to be able to just have a conversation with her without a million interruptions. Not that we don't adore our little interruptors, b…

It's Great to be Eight

Just five days after Truman's birthday, Lucy turned magical number 8. She also had a great birthday. 

David stopped on the way home and bought her some flowers. Eight of them, to be exact.
For dinner, she wanted to go to Nagasaki Inn, a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food at the table. They also have big fish tanks.
Penny was pretty good at eating salad with chopsticks. Left-handed to boot.
Truman liked standing on the bridge that overlooked the huge koi pond.
Onion volcano. Our chef show was pretty lackluster, but the kids had never been there before, so they had a good time.

Truman Number Five!

Truman turned five last month. Five! Where has the time gone?
He had a fabulous birthday. I attempted to make a super cool fondant-coated Star Wars cake. It did not work out so well. So he ended up with a not-as-cool, yet far more delicious, chocolate torte, with some Star Wars light-up figures shoved into the top of it.

And, he got a new Spiderman bike from Mimi. There was ice on the ground on his birthday, but he's since been able to ride it around the neighborhood. 

Who doesn't love birthday balloons?! (Me apparently - after several days they started hovering half dead in mid-air and following me around the house. We put them out of their misery.)

Yummm. Chocolate frosting tastes best licked off wax.