This is a 'before' picture of our living room. It's impossible to get a picture of the whole room. It's very long and narrow, and has doorways and windows oddly spaced throughout. Impossible to arrange furniture in a usable, normal-looking way. The walls were this color when we moved in last sumer, kind of a drab gray-khaki. It didn't bother me until winter hit. For the last several weeks we've had snow, ice, and more snow, and being trapped inside, in these khaki walls, was suffocating me. So we had to make a change.

 On Saturday, we painted the walls a light yellow. It has a slight green tint in certain light. Our couches are a dark green microfiber. Then we rearranged the furniture a little bit, took down the mini-blinds and heavy corduroy curtains. I used parts of the old curtains and some fabric to make new panels. There is a lot more light in the room now. Then we wanted to hang black & white photos in black frames on the far wall (the one you see first when you enter the room), so I read about this tip of tracing your pictures onto newspaper and doing a mock-up so you don't end up moving your screws all over the place.

I got this big black frame half off at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.

This weekend we are going to clean the carpets. They desperately need it. The dog is going to the groomers tomorrow so maybe between that and the carpet cleaning we can remove the dog funk that permeates our very souls.


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