happy valentine's day to me

I don't give a lot of thought to Valentine's day. It's a made-up holiday, and since it falls one day before my firstborn's birthday and four days after my second-born's birthday, it's really meaningless to me. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was told by my darling husband and children to go into my closet that morning. This is what I found:
The closet was full of balloons, and this sign, which said: "Heather, Pop the balloons to reveal the secret messages inside." David handed me a needle and I went to town.

These are some of the messages. I lost track of how many there were. The day before, Sunday, Truman and Penny were sick so the kids stayed home from church. I went to sacrament meeting, and I guess they worked on this while I was there (David went to elders quorum later). The notes are very small and were folded up, so as I popped them, we then had to search all over the room for where they wound up! It was fun. The notes are so sweet. I will love them forever.


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