Field Trip (big one)

Last Friday, we drove up to Indianapolis. All of us, because David was told he needed to be at a meeting at Ivy Tech's big main campus up there. So we left at 5:00 a.m., because we live in the little smidge of Indiana that insists on being on central time while the rest of the state follows eastern time, and drove, drove, drove. We lucked out in that the Ivy Tech building he needed to be at was exactly 37 seconds away from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Our friends the Childs were supposed to meet us there, but their little guy got sick with a bad cold the night before, so I was on my own with the kids (eeek!). However, an hour after the kids and I had arrived at the museum, David texted me that he didn't really need to be at that meeting after all, So he walked over to the museum and stayed with us. He was ticked that he'd come all the way up for a meeting he didn't need to go to, but we tried to have a good time at the museum anyway.
A bunch of trains

Taking the flight on Egyptair - you ride on a pretend airplane to go to the Egypt exhibit, which was very cool. We've been learning a lot about Egypt this year, so it was perfect.

This is a little cafe restaurant area in the Egypt exhibit, where kids can make food for the parents.

Then we went to the Barbie exhibit. It was so much fun. Even Truman and David had fun in there. This is 1985 Astronaut Barbie.
Penny worked on some fashion sketches.

After the museum, we drove to the north side of the city and loaded up on Trader Joe's goodies. Unfortunately, they were completely out of sunflower seed butter, which is one of the five or six items we like to get there. I should've called ahead. But we have a nice stash of freeze dried fruit, macaroni & cheese, and bruschetta now. Then we came home through Bloomington and stopped to see the Childs for dinner. So even though it didn't turn out quite as we'd planned, it was still a super fun day. 

Like Mrs. Peacock, I am determined to enjoy myself


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