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happy valentine's day to me

I don't give a lot of thought to Valentine's day. It's a made-up holiday, and since it falls one day before my firstborn's birthday and four days after my second-born's birthday, it's really meaningless to me. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was told by my darling husband and children to go into my closet that morning. This is what I found:
The closet was full of balloons, and this sign, which said: "Heather, Pop the balloons to reveal the secret messages inside." David handed me a needle and I went to town.
These are some of the messages. I lost track of how many there were. The day before, Sunday, Truman and Penny were sick so the kids stayed home from church. I went to sacrament meeting, and I guess they worked on this while I was there (David went to elders quorum later). The notes are very small and were folded up, so as I popped them, we then had to search all over the room for where they wound up! It was fun. The notes are so sweet. I will l…
This is a 'before' picture of our living room. It's impossible to get a picture of the whole room. It's very long and narrow, and has doorways and windows oddly spaced throughout. Impossible to arrange furniture in a usable, normal-looking way. The walls were this color when we moved in last sumer, kind of a drab gray-khaki. It didn't bother me until winter hit. For the last several weeks we've had snow, ice, and more snow, and being trapped inside, in these khaki walls, was suffocating me. So we had to make a change.

 On Saturday, we painted the walls a light yellow. It has a slight green tint in certain light. Our couches are a dark green microfiber. Then we rearranged the furniture a little bit, took down the mini-blinds and heavy corduroy curtains. I used parts of the old curtains and some fabric to make new panels. There is a lot more light in the room now. Then we wanted to hang black & white photos in black frames on the far wall (the one you see fi…

Field Trip (big one)

Last Friday, we drove up to Indianapolis. All of us, because David was told he needed to be at a meeting at Ivy Tech's big main campus up there. So we left at 5:00 a.m., because we live in the little smidge of Indiana that insists on being on central time while the rest of the state follows eastern time, and drove, drove, drove. We lucked out in that the Ivy Tech building he needed to be at was exactly 37 seconds away from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Our friends the Childs were supposed to meet us there, but their little guy got sick with a bad cold the night before, so I was on my own with the kids (eeek!). However, an hour after the kids and I had arrived at the museum, David texted me that he didn't really need to be at that meeting after all, So he walked over to the museum and stayed with us. He was ticked that he'd come all the way up for a meeting he didn't need to go to, but we tried to have a good time at the museum anyway.
A bunch of trains