back to school

David was off work for two weeks for Christmas break, and we took most of that time as a homeschool break as well. It was so nice. We all slept a little later, watched more TV, played more games, and did things more leisurely. This week has been a shock to the system getting back into the swing of school and chores and activities!

Yesterday we took it easy - not too much school work in the morning, and then an outing to the supermarket and the library. I found Lucy sitting with her American Girl doll on her lap, reading an American Girl book, and couldn't resist secretly taking a picture.

Today, Truman and Penny were playing around with some of the Saxon math manipulatives. They were supposed to be using the balance. Penny thought dress-up sounded much more fun!

And here is Lucy, organizing her spelling words alphabetically before she glues them down.
Most of the time, and today, I really love homeschooling. Everyone is mostly pleasant and we get a decent amount of learning done. This afternoon, our neighbor Joseph came over to play for five hours. That may seem like a long time, but he is such a darling, well behaved little guy. He's seven, so he and Lucy get along well, though he's sure to give attention to Truman and Penny too. Joseph is also homeschooled. The kids played pretend, imaginative games for a full four hours before asking for computer games or movies! Very impressive.


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