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baptism invitations

Truman is learning to read.

Truman is learning to read. He's been working on it for several weeks. We spend 5-10 minutes per day using the SRA DISTAR method. He usually complains when I say it's time for reading, but he loves it once he figures out the little story. The stories are kind of random. A rat in a sack who was not sad was today's tale. However, this method works. We used this same book with Lucy at his age and she reads marvelously now.
This is what happens when you try to stay up late with your beloved and watch a Friday night movie, and think that popcorn and a soda sound like a great idea, but your sodas are room temperature because you only bought it for a recipe, so you stick it in the freezer, then you get sleepy and forget all about it until morning. The pressure is tremendous!--Willy Wonka. I now have frozen diet caffeine free Mountain Dew all over my freezer.

Why I Can't Bear To See Dakota Fanning Suffer


Penny started Primary last Sunday at church. She's finally not in nursery any  more! It's weird for us to not have a kid in nursery. She loves Primary. She adores her teacher. She likes singing time. This is a random picture I took of her this week during homeschool, working on her address. She's a pro at writing her name, which is amazing because I have never taken time to teach her to write her name. She just does it. She decided one day, about eight or nine months ago, she would write her name. It used to be something like 9o7i, but now it's definitely Penny. She gets a little creative with the stems on the n's and they kind of look like hyperactive h's but it's definitely her style. 
Penny says a lot of cute things. One of my favorites is that she calls a merry-go-round an "American-go-round." She also has made up a song called "We're All Happy On The Road," which she sings over and over (surprisingly always to the same tune). It …

back to school

David was off work for two weeks for Christmas break, and we took most of that time as a homeschool break as well. It was so nice. We all slept a little later, watched more TV, played more games, and did things more leisurely. This week has been a shock to the system getting back into the swing of school and chores and activities!

Yesterday we took it easy - not too much school work in the morning, and then an outing to the supermarket and the library. I found Lucy sitting with her American Girl doll on her lap, reading an American Girl book, and couldn't resist secretly taking a picture.

Today, Truman and Penny were playing around with some of the Saxon math manipulatives. They were supposed to be using the balance. Penny thought dress-up sounded much more fun!

And here is Lucy, organizing her spelling words alphabetically before she glues them down. Most of the time, and today, I really love homeschooling. Everyone is mostly pleasant and we get a decent amount of learning done. Thi…