feliz navidad

We got a 4-pack of chew bones for Sawyer. He was really stoked. His eyes are kind of bugging out over it. He loves them. We had a great Christmas. 
Christmas Eve day, we went to my dad's and had a wholly unhealthy brunch of piggies-in-blankets, cinnamon rolls, meatballs and cock-doggies in a syrupy bbq sauce, chips, cookies, and soda. The kids got some cool presents and David got some clothes he actually LIKED (which is kind of a big deal with him). I got things for the house - dishes, that kind of thing.
On Christmas Eve night, we went to the home of a family in our ward, along with a bunch of other families. We opted not to go to the Whites get-together. First time I've ever not gone to that, but it gets tiring. I only see those people once a year, and my kids do not know the other kids at all. It's not very much fun for them, and I've realized that the childhood I had is different than the ones they will have, and so we decided to spend it in a way they would enjoy as well as us. It was really fun. It had just started to snow when we arrived, and it was very snowy and slushy on the way home, but not a far drive. 
Lucy's the angel on the far right.
On Christmas morning we did our at-home stuff. Lucy was happy to finally get her American Girl doll. She's been asking for one all year! She got one of the My Girl dolls who looks like her. Honestly, the thing creeps me out a little bit. We got Penny a knock-off doll that cost 1/5 what the AG doll did, and looks almost as nice. Luckily, Penny is not yet swayed by brand!
Truman was thrilled with absolutely everything he got, from the tiniest piece of candy to his big Lego airport. He is such an easy-to-please little boy!

On Christmas afternoon we went out to my mom's for a big get-together. We ate some more (eat, eat, eat, is that all we ever do???) and got more presents. I got my usual odd assortment of things that happened to be exactly what my sister and step-sister got too (body wash, hand cream, weird candy). Nice to know some things never change. 


  1. You'll have to let me know if the American Girl hair brushes/styles better than the knock off version.


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