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feliz navidad

We got a 4-pack of chew bones for Sawyer. He was really stoked. His eyes are kind of bugging out over it. He loves them. We had a great Christmas.  Christmas Eve day, we went to my dad's and had a wholly unhealthy brunch of piggies-in-blankets, cinnamon rolls, meatballs and cock-doggies in a syrupy bbq sauce, chips, cookies, and soda. The kids got some cool presents and David got some clothes he actually LIKED (which is kind of a big deal with him). I got things for the house - dishes, that kind of thing. On Christmas Eve night, we went to the home of a family in our ward, along with a bunch of other families. We opted not to go to the Whites get-together. First time I've ever not gone to that, but it gets tiring. I only see those people once a year, and my kids do not know the other kids at all. It's not very much fun for them, and I've realized that the childhood I had is different than the ones they will have, and so we decided to spend it in a way they would enjoy as…


This is evidence that my children are not quite ready for having presents under the tree prior to Christmas morning.
(This used to be a cute house-shaped gift bag.)

gingerbread mcmansions

We made 'gingerbread' houses for the first time. It wasn't really gingerbread, but fake gingerbreadish graham crackers. The candy was very real, much to the joy of my children, to ate as much as they adhered to their little houses. Mysteriously, the houses also lost some embellishments throughout the following day. It was really fun to decorate them.

Sounds of Paradise

Lucy's been in a choir, Sounds of Paradise, for a few months now. It's made up of kids from our church but it's not a church activity, if that makes any sense. She absolutely LOVES it. It is her favorite activity. And the kids are so very nice to one another, it's amazing. They have had a few performances lately. This picture is from their show at the mall last Saturday. They've had two more since then and will have one last show this coming Saturday. The kids are all so adorable and they work really hard to learn their songs and dances.
Lucy's the small one in the front, on the left.

Vesuvius Erupts

Last week, we read a book called Pompeii... Buried Alive! We also built a small Mt. Vesuvius out of homemade clay molded onto a toilet paper tube. The next day, after it dried, we painted it brownish.

Then on the third day, Truman gently spooned baking soda into our volcano, Penny added red food coloring to some white vinegar, and Lucy poured the liquid into Mt. Vesuvius. 

Then, we destroyed Pompeii.

just for fun

At the Wal-Mart checkout with Truman and Penny.


I am obsessed with cheesecakelets. I saw them on Nigella Lawson a few weeks ago and we have them a lot now. We had them for dinner last night, and breakfast this morning. For a pancake type food, they are chock-full of protein and low on flour. The plate pictured below has 270 calories and 25 grams of protein.
For the topping, combine in a bowl about a cup of strawberries (I defrost frozen ones since fresh ones are so nasty here in the winter), quartered, with a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and two teaspoons of sugar. Let them hang out while you make the cheesecakelets. For the cheesecakelets, combine 3 egg yolks (save the whites in another bowl), one cup of cottage cheese, 1/3 cup all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Mix and then whip the egg whites and bit and gently fold them in, too. Cook on a hot griddle (I don't even need cooking spray) for a couple of minutes on each side. The cottage cheese gets sort of melty and gives a very cheesecake-like consistency. These are not over…